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Indian Organisation Form Women Education & Training is an educational organisation. It has been constituted to conduct women education and training programme on regular and correspondence basis throughout India. (Regd. with Govt. of N.C.T. New Delhi) and Following the admirable rules and regulation of N.C.E.R.T., N.C.T.E. New Delhi and practical guidelines of Ministry of Education of India. Its main purpose is to train & promote the educted grils & to facilitate them so that they can select teaching and other self employment career. Its examination body is Indian Women's Organisation Educational & Training, New Delhi. This teachers training programme will help in imparting education based on modern ways to pre-school children which is very necessary for development of a balanced personality.

       We are making our efforts well to carry out successfully the training programme on the preview of I.O.W.E.T Regd. with N.C.T. New Delhi under Govt. of India. Its main aim is to train girls & women of India. This will help them to teach children psychologically. This process will be helpfull in forming the all round development & personality of a child & women which can later become a self employed /reputed business women.